Welcome to Law firm of Farrukh Nuridinov

Bismillahir Rahmonir Rakhim. Praise be to God. Blessings and peace upon the messenger, and his family and companions. Allah said: “ Allah orders you all to hand back trusts to their owners, and when you judge between people you judge with justice” {Nissaa: 58} 

We are a law firm specializing in different areas of practice and manage our affairs in line with the best Muslim practices. In addition, we are familiar with Islamic sources like the Holy Quran, honorable Sunna, Prophetic Hadiths. So, we are well-oriented in the Islamic Sharie and Islamic practices. We strive to provide dedicated and top-notch legal services for our clients across various legal areas. Our specialization in different practice areas allows our clients to receive all necessary services from the single window. We pride ourselves on Islamic Heritage and stand ready to provide legal services in line with best Islamic principles.